So 27. September 9:30-11:00
19€/ erm.16€ (für Frühbucher 18€/ erm.15€)
Level: mit Vorkenntnissen
Sprache: English

The aim of this class is to stimulate a continuous whole body awareness of movement which results in a specific presence and quality, inspired by some of the core principles from Cunningham Technique. This specific quality enables a vital and lively dance experience, freeing the body from static images and beliefs about the dance movement and its limits.

We will focus on aspects such as: center of energy, isolation, and rhythm and coordination of the limbs in space. Applying these through different movement combinations, the experience of subsidiary challenges such as being with the matter at hand, perceiving our sense of phrasing, or training the mental strength will arise.

While working on body shape and tone, we will enjoy dancing from the ever-present body, its intelligence and clarity and efficiency which emanate from it.

This class will be guided via on-line by Verónica Garzón from Madrid through movement demonstration and verbal signals; Gilda Rebello will be present in the studio, facilitating the space organisation and the projection technique.

Verónica Garzón

Günter Krämmer

Verónica Garzón trained with ballet, spanish folk dances and flamenco, modern jazz, modern dance, contemporary dance, releasing techniques, contact improvisation and Butoh. She holds an Advanced-Degree Qualification in Performance and Choreography on Spanish and Folk Dances from the Dance Conservatory "Mariemma" (Madrid, Spain); Advanced-Degree Qualification in Performance and Choreography on Contemporary Dance from the Dance Conservatory "María de Ávila" (Madrid, Spain); and the MA of Arts on Contemporary Dance Education (HfMDK, Frankfurt am Main). Her experience as freelance dancer, choreographer and movement assistant brings her to different artistic contexts such as physical theatre, opera, cinema and musical theatre. She has worked for Christoph Marthaler, Franco Dragone, Losdedae, Elia Lozano, Robert Carsen, Grupo Oito, and Muriel Romero & Pablo Palacio, among others, being nowadays immersed in several choreography projects which involves Folk Spanish Dances, Ceremony and collective rituals of a high physicality and somatic experience (Sara Cano, Lucía Marote, La Phármaco, Hicks&Bühler). She has received several mentions as performer and choreographer, such as the First Prize in Choreography of Contemporary Dance at the I Choreography Contest District of Tetuán, the "Best outstanding Dancer" award at the XXIII Choreography Contest of Madrid Pasoa2, and recently the First Prize in Choreography of Contemporary Dance at the XXXII Choreography Contest of Madrid Pasoa2. She is further involved in Dance Education, working for several BA Dance Programs, Conservatories and artistic and cultural institutions in Spain, Germany, and Switzerland.