WS3 making things happen...a composition and impro workshop

Sa 26. September 14:30-17:30
38€/ erm.32€ (für Frühbucher 36€/ erm.30€)
Level: offen
Sprache: English

In this workshop composition is addressed as the felt consequences of awareness of the actions of our communication, and explore the potential this idea offers to change our patterns of seeing and moving.

We will look at the ways in which our awareness of the shifting external conditions of our environment and other bodies, and the internal movements within us, impact how we organize ourselves bodily and interiorly to move with others and to perceive potential for action in our environment.

Principles drawn from somatic movement practices, perception theory, as well as improvisation and score devices, will facilitate an awareness practice; one that attends to how the creative and compositional nature of our communication, makes possible moving creatively, and the other way around.

A workshop for people of all movement backgrounds, with or without dance experience. Please be prepared to move also at floor level.

Miranda Glikson

Miranda Glikson is a freelance dance artist and educator based in Australia and Germany. Early engagements were with dance companies in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, and in Germany since 2000. She has worked as a company teacher and choreographic assistant for several companies and theatres before completing a Masters in Contemporary Dance Education in Frankfurt in 2014. Miranda is undertaking a PhD with the School of Creative Practice at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Her practice-led research looks at place experience and instruction through environmentally-located dance-making in built environments.